Tingling Design Ltd. established by professionals who came together to offer services in software development, IT support and digital marketing. We provide affordable IT & digital services to Corporate and SME businesses pan India. We have successfully helped many companies with their IT needs.

Our core strength lies in the experience of the team with a Collective experience of over 10+ years.

Our strongest advantage is its excellent pool of skilled resources, recruited from the finest clan of professionals in the industry. We provide a vibrant combination of strategic IT consultancy services and technology skills through Proven superior processes, in-depth understanding of business needs, and best-in-class solutions.


Web Development is one term that encompasses every aspect of inculcating a presence on the World Wide Web.


Logos, Flyers, Newsletters, Catalogue are a few mediums that allow you to have an indirect contact with your clients.


E-cards produced by Royalways Technologies can help promote your company by incorporating your company profile and product information into Business Card shaped CD's.


"The Right Product + The Ability To Make The Sale + Good Site Design + Good Web Hosting + Good Sales Copy + Web Promotion.


  • Javascript
  • WordPress
  • Design
  • Swift

Our Belief

" To provide unparalleled Web site strategy, design, development, and maintenance services to our clients. "

are our keywords and our professionalism gives it a definite in the form of a website. We use the latest technology to make sure that your website is interactive, aesthetically pleasing, secure, affordable and productive.

Quality is "Completely Satisfying Customer's Needs in a Profitable manner"

"You and Us, thats all it takes to spell 'Success' "

Theme of work

If you've had a dream that took shape of thought and then turned into an idea. We have the exact expertise to exemplify that idea into concept that has been technically beautified in a manner to deliver the best of both worlds. We have just the kind of caliber you need to polish/cultivate that concept into a design and stratify it so well that it actually turns out to be reality of your dream.


Quality is a holistic concept

Quality is an all encompassing part of our business and lives. Strong quality processes are built into every area of work.

Quality by all means can be described as the tool that ensures complete customer satisfaction and in turn the only way to measure customer satisfaction is quality.

In websites the concept of quality can be explained in terms of following:

  • Operative Factor
  • Performance
  • Workability

As per the Operations related factor the websites can be thought of quality only if:

  • Presentations is good
  • Appealing and catchy
  • Easy navigation
  • Information rich content
  • User-friendly

Any website can have proven standards of quality if the website is able to deliver its message of development i.e. the reason why it was made and how efficiently it was able to do the same.

A few more factors that strengthen the idea of a well performing site would be:

  • Consistency
  • Throughput
  • Turn around time
  • Dependability

As the time changes so do the requirements of a website hence, the code of the website is expected to be flexible enough to absorb the changes. Also, the code is estimated to have the ability of being intricate yet readable. In terms of Workability any website whose code has the mentioned features is said to have followed quality principles. The web development cycle consists of various processes like analysis, feasibility studies, designing, coding, testing, delivery, maintenance and post implementation if any of these phases is not operated keeping in mind the quality values then the entire website model can be expected to loose the on whole value of quality. Our strategy of work has been designed in the best possible manner in order to incorporate quality values and principles thus, helping us deliver solutions that are efficient and qualitative.

Vision - Mission

To provide unparalleled Web site strategy, design, development, and maintenance services to our clients.

We will be globally respected organization that provides Quality IT services and solutions.

Tingling Design Ltd. goal is to keep our clients on the leading edge of information transfer technologies, adding significant value to their business. Most importantly, we accomplish this by creating a long-term relationship with each partner by combining creative and cost effective solutions with a solid foundation of support and maintenance.

Tingling Design Ltd. theme for creating web sites that are inviting, informative and interactive has been a winning formula for both new web site projects and the revitalization of first generation sites.. We work diligently to educate each client and help them quickly adapt their business model to the opportunities available to them on the Internet.

Tingling Design Ltd. mission is to provide value to our customers by offering several benefits to them including speed to market, high quality people and processes, cutting edge technology expertise and a full service portfolio. Explore the world of Synapse for all your technology service needs.

Our aim is success...

Business with Us

"We grow with our customer's growth"

Tingling Design Ltd. over the recent years has established a name for itself in the world of website design, web maintenance and internet marketing. With over 500 clients all across the globe and still growing, Tingling Design is all set to take the web market by stride.

Our firm faith is to completely focus on the customer's requirements, using best of web technologies in order, to deliver the most ethical and user friendly solutions. At Royalways Technologies, our business values comprise of not just complete profitability but actually customer satisfaction.

Constant innovation, dedication, originality, creativity and complete customer satisfaction with absolutely no compromise over the quality levels of the solutions delivered, these are not just words but actual business values that we follow. We determinedly aim to bring out web results that form the sure shot reason of our customers delight, through his rising profit levels.

Business for us is not just about profitability but productivity through profitable values.


Custom Software Development
• Website / Web Applications Design & Development
• Mobile App Design & Development
• Offshore Development Centre / Resource Augmentation
• Software Integration Services
• Application Support & Maintenance
• Product development

IT Support Services
• Managed IT & IT Support Services
• Strategic Technology Consultancy Services
• Contact Centre Technology – Design & Deployment Service
• Trunkey IT Projects & System Integration

Digital Marketing Services
• Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
• Social Media Marketing & Review
• Campaign Design Consulting
• Competitive Market Analysis


We'll do everything we can to make our next best project!